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Our Green Vale Graduates

Each class of thoughtful and capable young people proves the quality of our education and our sincere emotional investment in each child.

Our graduates are our pride and joy. The Green Vale experience springboards our graduates into success and fulfillment in high school, college, and beyond. Apart from the impressive roster of later schools attended, Green Vale graduates are known for excelling throughout their lives through pursuit of passions, deployment of skills and knowledge, and simply strong character. 

Portrait of a Green Vale Graduate



Accustomed to trusting, friendly, respectful rapports with adults, students leave Green Vale knowing how and when to ask for help. Understanding how to advocate for oneself as young as 8th grade makes life’s opportunities more accessible.


I strongly believe the most authentic way to measure any school's success is by its graduates."
Jesse N. Dougherty, Ed.D.
Head of School


Our Graduates