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GVS Book Fair: Where Reading Becomes an Adventure

GVS Book Fair: Where Reading Becomes an Adventure

Green Vale hosted its annual Book Fair on April 8-12 in the Cheryl Webb Gymnasium.

The gym seemed to come alive, as books of every shape, size, and genre lined the tables, their colorful covers calling curious minds to explore. Students from Pre-Nursery to 8th Grade entered the Book Fair and their eyes lit up with excitement at the sight of so many books waiting to be discovered.  

Throughout the week, students browsed the aisles, eager to find their next favorite read. The Book Fair concluded with a grand finale at Grandparents & Friends Day—as the students enjoyed one last go-around to take home their literary treasures.

A heartfelt thank you to all volunteers, especially co-chairs Susie Anderson and Maria Lustig, who worked hard to ensure that everything ran smoothly. 

The Book Fair at Green Vale was is more than just a chance to buy books—it is an opportunity to foster a love of reading and discover new stories. By the end of the week, students left the Book Fair with arms full of books and hearts full of excitement for the adventures that awaited them within the pages.